Lif3: Announcing Genesis on Ethereum

2 min readJan 5, 2024

After months of work and preparations, the team at Lif3 is ready to unveil the next phase of the Lif3 expansion. Integrating LayerZero has brought about some fantastic opportunities for the Lif3 protocol. One of those opportunities is the deployment of $LIF3 and $LSHARE natively on Ethereum. With a new deployment comes another opportunity: to participate in the building of liquidity. The Lif3 team is happy to present Genesis on Ethereum.

What is Genesis?

Historically, Genesis is a reference back to “the beginning.” When used in a blockchain context, it refers to the very first block on the chain, often called the Genesis Block. When referring to a protocol, it represents the initial liquidity-building event that will help a protocol to launch on a chain. The true liquidity comes from users who create LPs but Genesis offers half of that equation by rewarding the new $LIF3 tokens. With liquidity in place, the doors can open for other areas of the protocol to go live, whether staking, swapping, trading, borrowing, etc.

Where will Genesis be Located?

Genesis is located on — the parent site for the entire Lif3 Protocol. Navigate to the “Earn” tab on the top navigation bar and select “Nursery (Genesis)”. Be sure to change your wallet to the Ethereum blockchain.

Link Here:

How to Participate in Genesis:

Participating in Genesis will work as a single-stake deposit. As a reward for participating in Genesis, users will accumulate $LIF3 tokens. After Genesis, users will be able to use those new $LIF3 tokens with other tokens to creat LP’s for farming $LSHARE. The eligible tokens for the Ethereum Genesis are as follows:

Duration and Details:

The Lif3 Genesis on Ethereum is a pre-liquidity-building event. Participation will help dictate the length at which the event will run. All details of this Genesis are subject to change, but the team is looking at a runtime of one month. Rewards for participation will be $LIF3, and the deposit fee for $WBTC, $ETH, and $USDT will be set at 1%.



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