10-21-2023 — Lif3 Update

6 min readOct 21, 2023

After a month of diligent work and exhilarating travels to speak at conferences, host events, and forming strategic partnerships — we’re thrilled to unveil a sneak peek of our dynamic roadmap for the upcoming 6 to 12 months ahead.

🚀 It’s with immense excitement, without giving away too much, that we are proud to announce something MASSIVE to the LIF3 ecosystem. The LIF3 Protocol and L3 Reserve are making a grand entrance into the iGaming as well as the Music & Entertainment space. For those who’ve experienced the magic of our #EnjoyLIF3 events at crypto and blockchain gatherings, just know, this is only the beginning. Big things are on the horizon for the project and the entire community — YOU are the pioneers joining us in shaping the future of tomorrow, today. 🚀 STAY TUNED!

See below in this update on some highlights of a few photos and videos about L3 Reserve, which is the entity that issues and manages L3USD. L3 Reserve will be focused on providing an alternate stable in the iGaming space over the next 12 to 24 months, and the LIF3 Protocol (LIF3 Chain) will be providing the transport layer. We will be presenting at other gaming conferences this year and next year as well.

L3USD and LIF3 will continue to be multi-chain, but we are thrilled to share that we will have a high-performance and dedicated utility focus for the iGaming space!

We will continue to provide updates as necessary and on a weekly, bimonthly, or monthly basis. We have taken community feedback, so this is a question of balancing the needs of the community as well as relevant updates to the protocol, while we continue to publish the comics on a weekly basis.

As you may have all noticed, there has been a surge in price action for LIF3 over the last few weeks. The correlation between the announcement of L3 Reserve and LIF3 entering the iGaming space has sparked interest in the protocol and we expect this to continue.

You’ve spoken, and we’ve listened. Purchasing LIF3 will continue to be easier than ever, and making this process more efficient is front and center on our agenda, as the surge and pent-up demand have skyrocketed.

That is why we are excited to share the anticipation of

🚀 Our Layer Zero migration is almost complete and the ability to swap ETH for LIF3 on Ethereum will happen in the coming weeks. 🚀

All that will be required is sending ETH to the LIF3 wallet and clicking “SWAP”! This will also be the case on BNB, Matic, and Fantom, but launching on Ethereum will make purchasing LIF3 much easier in DeFi. Redeployment of Swaps and Farming will be on Uni v3!

Additionally, we’re actively pursuing and open to exchange listings as more demand and volume increase. As soon as we complete the migration to ETH, our market makers will be set and ready to spring into action!

For now, HERE are two easy ways to BUY LIF3:

1) Bitmart

2) Buy Fantom on Binance → Send to LIF3 wallet →swap for LIF3.

There will also be a token swap for the LIF3 (Old Token) to the new LIF3 Token on Fantom, BNB and Polygon, as well as LShare. As this upgrade will happen over time, we will continue to operate the Fountains until the new Fountains are ready with the new tokens. Additionally, we will be deprecating the LIF3 (Old Token) DApps over time.

We are deploying new Gardens on ETH, Fantom, Polygon and BNB Chain and will announce when these are ready.

Lif3.com Updates:

We have made some significant updates and improvements to Lif3.com. As mentioned previously, the new Token List feature is part of this update as well as a host of other UI/UX improvements. Let’s go over a few of them now.

Home Page:
The home page has been cleaned up a bit and is now more streamlined for a new user coming to the protocol for the first time.

Navigation Bar:
The top toolbar has been reimagined and simplified, again geared towards first-time users. The new dropdown-style dialog box is beautiful and straightforward to understand.

Token List:
Found under Trade>Tokens — The Tokens window showcases Lif3 Ecosystem tokens ($LIF3, $LSHARE, and $L3USD) front and center with a generous list of chain-specific tokens that follow. As you switch chains, the token list will switch as well. Here, you can get a quick snapshot of the overall market on that chain and quickly navigate to Lif3 Swap for any swaps a user is looking for.

How to Buy:
Found at Buy>How to Buy $LIF3 — Again, it is geared towards new users to quickly and easily find the guide to purchase their first $LIF3 tokens. After spending countless hours navigating new users to the appropriate places in order to secure their first $LIF3 tokens, the How to Buy $LIF3 page became the culmination of these efforts.

Quick and easy access to all Lif3 Socials as well as Docs, Support, Feature Requests, Bug Reports, and Comics.

We are not like any other protocol in the world, and now we have a beautiful dropdown dialog box that features some of the huge things we are working on, including Lif3 Wallet, Lif3 Chain, L3 Reserve, Lif3 AI, L3USD, and Enjoy Lif3.

Lif3 on the Move with L3 Reserve:

Recently, the team was at the SBC Summit Barcelona promoting Lif3 and L3 Reserve. Meeting and speaking with current and future users was a fantastic opportunity. We look forward to the next major conference to help spread the word of Lif3. Please enjoy some pictures from the event.

Lif3 Wallet Updates:

A new beta version of the Lif3 Wallet is out and currently being tested. With the changes made to Lif3.com, some formatting changes were needed for Lif3 Wallet. Some other features and UI/UX improvements have been implemented as well. We will push the update out as soon as the beta wraps up.

The Path Forward:

Work continues for the LayerZero integration. We look forward to wrapping up this integration just as much as all of you are. When we have something substantial to share, we will let you know.

Lif3 Chain Coming Soon:

It goes without saying that while we wait for the LayerZero integration for Lif3.com and all the associated omnichain tokens, we are double-dipping on the LayerZero integration for Lif3 Chain as well. Having Lif3 Chain ship out of the box with LayerZero makes the most sense from a future-proof point of view.

Lif3 Chain Website: http://www.lif3chain.com/

Lif3 Support:

Lif3 Support is online and ready for users to explore. Lif3 Support is filled with easy-to-follow guides, articles, and videos that cover the Lif3 Ecosystem. Additional articles will be added as the Lif3 ecosystem grows and expands.

As a reminder:
How to Backup Your Lif3 Wallet:

Featured Article: What is the Fountain of $LIF3?

Λ Lif3 in Crypto:

Please enjoy comics from the last 4 weeks!

Happy #Lif3 Saturday





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